Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sweet Days of December

December has been full of events leading up to Christmas, but also of family, friends, and just plain fun-to-be-a-kid stuff too!  The photos tell their own story :)

 This was an awesome adventure for us last year, too, the Christmas train display at our local library!  Once again, huge hit with the kiddos, and this year they had even more questions about how everything worked.  Love to see their little minds light up!

 This month the kiddos had a first... the first time they sang at the front of the church :)  DB and I were a little teary, it just filled our hearts to see our babies up there like big kids!  All three are in the pic, another reason we love our church is the amazing people who work with our kids.

Totally different note, not really much related to December except that's when it happened... Samuel boxing at OT! 

 My brute :)

 George and Olivia's school had some fun days leading up to the break... this was the day they dressed like Who's from Whoville.  Cutest little Who's I ever did see!

 Olivia and her friend on PJ day - gotta love Polar Express!

 Another thing on the agenda, the Christmas show at G and O's school!  Samuel was such a trooper!  (It was excellent timing, Mo and Do were in town!  Fun to have them and Omi there!)

 Smiling kiddos after a great performance!

 George loves Mo's scooter!  He had been ready for this moment since he realized Mo and Do were coming to town... and took the opportunity as soon as it arose :)

But... Mo's scooter had a bit of competition...
These twins (below) are so good about handing down clothes and toys to us, it's awesome!  But THIS was crazy!

Permagrin times three!

It's really awesome, these two are so good with my three!  In fact, every time they hand something down, my kiddos get inspired to pack up the stuff they don't use anymore and give it to other kids.  Not sure it gets better than that :)

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