Monday, December 17, 2012


Now that we've established Christmas is more than one day, we're taking in all the seasonal fun!  Another weekend filled with Christmas :)

We were originally supposed to take a weekend trip, but unfortunately the other season this time of year is the flu season, among other sicknesses.  Not my children this time, but we were sad to cancel our plans - hope you're feeling better, C!  Once we made the decision to stay, we had a few welcome surprises to take our minds off cancelling the trip... the first of which was seeing Santa!  He made a trip to our Saturday morning farmer's market and was absolutely awesome.  I'm telling you, in the words of Omi, he was beautiful!  And so incredible with the kids.  What a treat!  It was an especially nice distraction considering every time I took something out of the packed suitcase Olivia was very concerned because it was "for Atlanta!"

Hi Santa!
(Flashback two years ago, click here.)

Thursday... "a dump truck, and people to go in it"
Friday... "whatever Santa wants to bring me will be nice"
Saturday... "ummm, ummm, ummm"
Ha ha, George was so excited that he was actually a bit tongue-tied!


Olivia wasn't quite prepared to sit on his lap, but was very confident in her high-five :)
She even gave a shy little "things for dance class" when asked what she wanted for Christmas!

Samuel was a bit more cautious than before, but still pretty okay with the idea :)
(Last year, Samuel was the only one to see Santa... click here.)

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