Saturday, January 10, 2009

Absolutely Amazing

DB and I are absolutely blown away! I guess every ultrasound gets to us, and makes it that much more real, but the 3-D this time... unbelievable. They actually look like babies! These are our kids!
They are perfect :)
(We got to see Baby B, but he was literally lying with his face and stomach cuddled right up against his sac (it doesn't hurt him, we asked :)), so we couldn't get any photos.)
Our little girl was posing :) She was ready for the photo shoot!

This foot picture was actually taken while we were looking at Baby A... he was kicking her and we got this great shot :)

Yes, he really is yawning! It's tiring getting all these photos taken!
With the 3-D's below...
the blurriness, or kind of distorted stuff, is due to fluids and cords and even other body parts getting in the way.
These photos completely took our breath away... and still do...

Isn't she beautiful!

Those are her toes up by her forehead! Their bones aren't quite as hard as ours yet :)

He's cuddling... kinda gross, but doesn't he look cozy?!

Two feet here - his is below his chin... and I think that's Baby B's over his shoulder. There's a sac separating them, but Baby B was kicking at the time this was taken :)

Oh my goodness...

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