Sunday, January 11, 2009

Our 26th week

What a great week! Of course the new photos totally knocked our socks off (see previous post)... I think we've looked at them almost every waking hour since... but besides that it was a relatively calm week :) YEA! We needed it...

We had two doctors appointments last week - both went really well! The first was here in town - everything checked out, so it was on to the Q&A portion of the visit. I swear, every week I have more questions! Which, I guess isn't too surprising :) It's just amazing how much there is to know! My favorite finding from this week still makes me laugh... I've been getting dizzy really easily, and figured it was due to either my shallow breathing (the babies are squishing my lung space) or low blood sugar. Turns out, it's simple... my blood literally can't get all the way up to my head! Forget the "I'm pregnant" excuse for things - this is SO much better :) ha ha! This is the way I understood it... first, the babies simply need a ton of blood, and second because my belly is so big it presses on arteries and stuff which makes it tough for the blood to run down and back up my legs... so when I've been standing for any period of time, the blood just can't make it up to my noggin. Too funny... until they restricted me from driving. ugh. But, DB, my MIL, and friends have been really kind about carting me around :) The good news is I'm still allowed an outing per day!

At the second appointment, at MUSC, we got the pictures I posted yesterday - incredible! They did echos on the babies hearts too - we already knew they each had four chamber hearts (yea!), but they looked even closer at the ventricles (?) and stuff. What I do know, they looked great! The only thing that was a bit concerning is they also looked at their growth... Baby A and Baby C are both almost 2 pounds each, but Baby B is lagging a bit behind. He's always been smaller, but he doesn't seem to be catching up. If he was 25% smaller, they would be more concerned, and the difference isn't that great... but the doctor did come talk to us so we could be aware. Baby A and Baby C are between the 40-50th percentile for growth (for single babies!), but Baby B is more around the 17th percentile. He needs some red meat and ice cream :) What stinks is there's nothing we can do to promote his growth (besides continuing to eat well and spend time laying down). They said that chances are his placenta is right between the other two, and it might just not have the space to grow as big as the other two. But, the good news is this does not mean he'll be small his entire life :) And, just because he's small, doesn't mean he's developing any slower than the others! So, overall, things are good, just something to watch for. We've been trying to encourage him to eat more :)

A good week!


Rikki said...

Glad to hear that all of the wee ones are doing well! Your blog has been so much fun to read!

Please, if you feel up to it, post a belly pic.

The last one was at 22 (I think) weeks and I am sure that you have changed since then.

Do me (and all of our other non-SC resident readers) a favor, and include your pretty little mug in the picture as well. Because Lord knows you will be the first woman in existence to carry triplets and still manage to look hot in the process.

Don't argue with me...I know.

You are the girl that can have a bad allergic reaction to antibiotics and still look endearing (good times)! :)

Love and hugs to you, DB and the 3 B's! :)

Lindsey said...

wonderful news! and those pictures are AMAZING! hope you get lots of blessings at your shower!

Jason & Erin said...

Hi guys! I asked Michelle Taylor, who goes to Tidal Creek how everyone was doing in our old home group was doing and she told us you guys were having triplets!! Wow! Congrats! She also gave us your blog address. We have a blog It is good to see you all are doing well and we are really happy for you guys! Take care and keep in touch.