Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Please forgive the typos

Hi everyone! Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers! We are posting from MUSC... where we are at least 5 feet from the monitor! So, hopefully none of my typos are too hysterical :) To make a long story short, the babies will be here tomorrow... but of course I can't just cut to the chase!

I can't believe it's been so long since I've posted - it's been an amazing last two weeks with lots of celebrations, both for our family and with friends! We hit milestones like 28 weeks (we are now 28 weeks and 5 days!) and a few weeks ago the babies started kicking ALL the time - we can feel and see their little bodies moving in my belly :) We've also been able to celebrate with wonderful friends - which, according to DB always lifted my spirits for days! I've even got GREAT photos to post - finally, but unfortunately they will have to wait...

How we got to MUSC...
I posted before that Baby B is smaller than A and C... what I'm not sure I shared is that it was a big enough differnece to be concerned, but not crazy concerned. I've been spending a lot of time lying down because that improves circulation and blood flow, hopefully helping Baby B to get more nutrition. On Tuesday morning I was working away (from home on my laptop), and Baby A and Baby C were kicking away... I have never felt Baby B move as much as his sister and brother, but for some reason I felt like I needed to check on him. After a chat with our doctors office we went in to check him out... and after lots of tests, it was determined that while all three babies looked great, had good strong heart beats, and passed their physicals, Baby B was now very significantly smaller than A and C. Off to MUSC in an ambulance... again, DB couldn't go along for the ride, but was close behind :)

The last 24 hours...
Lots of poking and prodding, but with the knowledge that we are in excellent hands :) An overview - all three still have strong heart beats, and are passing their physicals. Baby A and Baby C are almost 3 pounds each... they've grown an entire pound each in 2 1/2 weeks! They are in the 50-60th percentile for weight... and the scale is for singleton babies. Impressive :) Baby B is still only a little over 1 1/2 pounds... growing very little in the lsat 2 1/2 weeks, he has gone from the 17th percentile to now being in the 5th. He's not getting what he needs...

It's called Intra Uterine Growth Restriction, it can heppen with single babies and is fairly common in multiple pregnancies, and Baby B has this due to a little issue with his placenta. There are a few reasons this happens, but essentially in his case the blood flow to him is sometimes good, and sometimes reversed... in which case he simply isn't getting nutrients. The good news is that besdies his size, he looks great! The bad news is that he ends up hungry quite a bit, and there's just nothing anyone can do from the outside. We need to get him nutrients, so we need to get him out... and yes, we've asked, they can't take him out and leave the other two in :)

Our options were either to go ahead with delivery tomorrow (which is recommended), or to try to wait 3-4 days and then deliver. The thought behind waiting - more time inside is generally a great thing! The bad psrt about waiting - Baby B will most likely grow very little in that amount of time, if at all, and we risk not getting him what he needs. The possible consequences of option 2, and our trust in the knowledge of the doctors, meant option 1 would be our plan.

Yes, we've cried... and yes, we're scared... but we're also really excited to meet our babies, even if it's a little earlier than we hoped or planned. January 28th will be the day our three babies are born! Tomorrow will be one of best, and most joyous days of our lives! Please send out a few extra prayers between 7-9am (east cost time - west coasters, set an almrm :)). Next time we write, we will have met our children!


ABW said...

We LOVE you!!!! Everyone is thinking Can't wait to meet those babies.

Katharine said...

Dave and Bethany, we are all thinking about you and praying for you and the babies! Much love, I know, from all the Byrnes and all their families. We can't wait to see them! Katharine

Local Girl said...

i have no fear, and neither do A, B and C! though you should seriously figure out exactly what their names are gonna be, since you only have a few hours to go. ;) can't wait to meet them and see you guys.

darrah, brian and lola

Lindsey said...

praying for you five. can't wait to see pictures. may God's grace and strength be with you!

Rikki said...

The Nevins family has both cried and prayed (which we don't do as much as we should) knowing that you and your babes are being born tonight.

You consume all of our thoughts tomorrow as you embark on the adventure of a lifetime!

*Advice alert*

Do not feel the need to check in with friends. We will be here, but take care of those babies first and foremost.

*More advice alert...*

David, you are going to do fan-fucking-tastic (sorry if those of those reading aren't accustomed to my brass Candian language...I can't help it).

You were meant to be Bethany's hubby, and you were meant to be the kick ass father of these 3 babies.

The next few weeks are going to be hard, but you can do it!

Give B lots of hugs and kisses and things will turn out fine (trust me, that is what got US through some tough times in college! ;) ).

Tiger-Beth-Beth...your life is about to change. I remember being so annoyed by people who would say shit like "enjoy your life know, because it will never be the same". Yes. My life after children was never the same. But it was never as fulfilling and rewarding as it was before kids. You are about to join an elite club (with myself and Whitney to help you if you need it). It is the most rewarding and wonderful experience you can have.

I am SO glad that you found a partner in David. I have no doubt that the two of you will come out of this with big ol' grin on your face and pictures of your kids plastered all over the world wide web.

I can hardly wait.

Love and hugs to all.

ALL of you will be in my thoughts and prayers tomorrow.


Jason and Erin said...

We have been praying!! Jason and Erin Port and kiddos