Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Before the green grass...

George and Olivia love being outside! Good thing because we've got big plans for our family once Samuel is off of this ventilator!

A few catch-up pictures from March... before the grass was green. Now that it's turning, I think there will be a lot more time outside :)

This stuff is kinda prickly...

... and it doesn't taste very good...

... but it sure is interesting!

I think I like it :)

Hmmm... you've got to be kidding me...

... but I guess you're right, George, it is interesting...

... but I'm more interested in sitting on you! Thanks for the back rub George!

A little bit greener... and George is still checkin' it all out. Gotta love our little inspector!

Olivia, on the the other hand, seems much more enthusiastic!
Popsicle Time!
Maybe they'll be a bit more into it when it's warmer... notice the jackets :)

Even more green outside... but now George is just hangin' out, waiting for a call :)
Thank you Kristen and Josh for the great Easter present! A table and THREE little chairs!

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