Sunday, April 18, 2010


This weekend was our local March of Dimes walk! It was so great to be out there... feeling like we're giving back at least a little. Actually, all of you who donated to our walk are the ones making a difference - thank you! You would be proud, we were recognized as the Top Individual Fundraiser for our local walk. THANK YOU! And check it out, I read this somewhere on the website, but it was reiterated at the walk... $.93 of every $1 goes directly to the March of Dimes programs, research, etc. That is incredible. Only $.07 of every $1 goes to administrative costs, etc. I love that... the focus really is on raising money to save babies.

Besides seeing some friends at the walk, we also had a few friends and family walk with us - yea! We are so incredibly lucky for so many reasons. Kristin and cousins Gary and Elizabeth came along for the 4-miles! Gary and Elizabeth weren't supposed to get here until after the event, but made it in Friday evening and were able to come be with us on Saturday. Not that DB and I don't love walking together, that's technically how we spent our first date, but it was really nice to have the support of the three of them with us every step of the way. Actually, not every step... there were definitely a few moments when we though Elizabeth, or should I say our navigator, might leave us in the dust... gotta love the competitive Biaett girls - I knew it was in my blood :) Actually, DB and I arrived just a bit late to the event - go figure - and our group was bringing up the rear, not generally where I like to be when it comes to anything competitive. But at least we were the top fundraiser, right!

Coordinating the walk day also meant finding someone to care for Samuel. How does one little boy steal enough hearts to have THREE people volunteer to stay with him?! Such a ham :) Omi and our friends Joe and Lori came to watch over our sweet Samuel while George and Olivia came with DB and I to the walk. Go figure, with three people to entertain, Samuel did not take his normal 10am nap :)

I really need to get back to taking more photos... here are the only two I took at the walk... slacker...

DB pushing George and Olivia... notice how far ahead of us everybody else is... ha ha!

Gary and Elizabeth at the turn around point - great view!
(I promise Kristen and I walked too :) )

Happy Babies

Beautiful smiling girl :)

George making his pirate face - I love this! I've been trying to get it on film forever - nice work, Stefanie!

I think someone is happy to be home... for THREE weeks straight!

A side note... the babies due date was this past Friday... the 16th. What perfect timing to March for Babies! I never understood how my parents could remember all these crazy details about when I was born, now I get it. Our babies were born on January 28th... but I'm not sure I'll ever forget that April 16th would have been 40 weeks. I will also never forget that March 19th would have been 36 weeks, which is the longest they let you go with triplets. March 19th was my goal... January wasn't even on my radar. Just the beginning of realizing how much is out of my control :)

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Lindsey said...

Awesome! on the walking, on the raising money, on the .93 cents going towards research, and for 3 weeks at home! go samuel (and his parents, siblings, and other caretakers!!)