Saturday, April 24, 2010

Come Back Magic Bus!

We miss you, Magic Bus!

Cousins Gary and Elizabeth came for a week-long visit last week - and it was so wonderful! They were also here last April, when George and Olivia came home, which was such a huge help. This visit was just as great! We were so spoiled to have four more hands-on-deck AND nightly dinner conversation with another couple. Come back soon!

Gary and Elizabeth purchased an RV - "the magic bus" - and starting taking trips last year. They take a few months at a time and travel to and from a destination, stopping to visit friends and take in the sights along the way. It sounds like so much fun! Of course, DB is mostly interested in the workings of the bus... I had no idea you could ask so many questions about it. That's my car guy!

We love their stops here! Last year it was organizing the drawers in the baby room and helping with last-minute preparations to come home... and then caring for little tiny babies :) This year, it was caring for big babies and getting used to R2D2 (the ventilator). I mentioned it before, but they were also here for the March for Babies :) And took a lot more photos than I did, here are a few...

George and Elizabeth - having fun at the walk with Gary's hat!

Family photo... minus one. Samuel, that third seat is for YOU! There's always next year :)

After the March...

Elizabeth and Gary came bearing gifts! This caterpillar was a fast favorite... which was good because Olivia needed some coaxing. She has a bit of stranger anxiety, which seems to be worse with males than females. Let's just say Gary wins the prize for patience! Actually, Elizabeth got sick for a few days (ugh) but Gary still came over by himself to watch George and Olivia... which is even more impressive when you consider that the first few days Olivia would either crawl quickly the other way or cry when Gary came to pick her up. Sheesh!

But after much patience, a few dances...

... an enticing necklace (she can't pass up accessories), and a few fish faces...

... Olivia was all about jungle gym Gary :) George does not have the same stranger anxiety - hooray!

I'm pretty sure George was NOT amused when he realized we were making the shadows he was chasing :) ha ha!

Samuel had a great time too! He even sat in a highchair for the first time! I think he enjoyed our dinner-time conversation - he certainly joined in :)

He also enjoyed playing... but I'm not sure he understands that sticking your tongue out at someone is not generally considered a good thing.

Hooked on basketball... Samuel has developed a thing for watching basketball! The tv isn't on too much in our house, but in the last few weeks we have had Duke and Lakers fans in town for visits... the second that Duke game went on, he was hooked! Then the Lakers took the screen two weeks later, and same thing, he loved it. Sportscaster in the making?!

There was also lots of outside time! Luckily, after a few days of being sick, Elizabeth was back on her feet and having a great time!

George and Olivia even got their first big trip to the park!

The Park

George lovin' the swings :)

Olivia not lovin' the swings...

... but this one seems more fun! Especially with her own cheering section :)

Big boy on the slide. A little unsure...

... until the end! That was fun!

Breakfast at the park... Gary and Elizabeth definitely have the hang of two babies :) They are always welcome at our house!

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