Sunday, April 25, 2010


It seems like things change daily in our house! We also seem busier then ever... and to tell you the truth I just can't keep up with the blog as well as I used to. I think I have three posts started, but none with pictures. But, I love the blog... it's a great record for when the babies are older, it keeps our families in the loop, and it's therapeutic :) All great things!
So, here are a few updates from the last few weeks... just to be clear, there will be a "Hodgepodge Part 2" and probably a "Hodgepodge Part 3" in the near future :)

- Olivia can point to her head, nose, and belly button on command... of course she really likes to point to the inside of her nose - dad is proud she's up to her 3rd knuckle :) George has figured out where his ears are, and Samuel still likes to poke out his tongue and laughs when you return the favor.

- George loves walking with his shopping cart... and anything else he can push. The boy wants nothing more then to stand! Of course Olivia wanted nothing to do with pushing the shopping cart - until George did it - now she's starting to show a little more interest. For example, she doesn't cry when she touches it :)
- Samuel is trying so hard to roll over! That darn ventilator...
- Everyone has become a copy cat... Samuel with facial expressions, George with laughing, and Olivia with just about everything. (DB's college buddy, Trevor, brought his 4-year old daughter to visit and George and Olivia thought she hung the moon! They wanted to watch, and do, everything she did - it was so cute.)

- Olivia managed to take off her diaper during her nap and poop in her bed - but did NOT smear it anywhere, good girl :) Apparently that's a normal toddler thing... that I hope to never see!

- Samuel still likes his alone time, and let's you know it. He pretends to fall asleep, but the second you're gone he has a party all by himself :)
- George and Olivia involuntarily dance any time music comes on - it's awesome! Especially when they realize they're dancing and really get into it. Olivia has started waving her arms, and George does this fist pump that makes his bootie come off the ground. Samuel has also started dancing with a side-to-side move that almost knocks him out of his chair - DB takes complete credit for this one.
A few catch up photos...

Samuel is interested in everything! Including drums... or rather trying to figure out how the drums work :)

And of course he is having a great time using his tooth brush! This is actually a huge step for him... he still has those oral aversions, but he will go to town munching on his tooth brush - yea!

Samuel also loves to laugh! What this photo doesn't show is the side-to-side dance he has perfected.

Sweet boy taking a nap :)

My "normal" baby...
Sweet Olivia, our baby who has had the most normal life since coming home with no continuing health issues, has all the "normal" baby issues! First there was the cut above her eye a few weeks ago... and this time it was HIVES!

I was worried sick. The doctor was great - once he saw her and realized it was not a shellfish allergy (no, I didn't give her shellfish on purpose), and that it was just hives, he laughed that I knew too much intensive care stuff and not a lot of day-to-day baby stuff :)

Not sure just how bad the hives were... check out this smiling girl and then the one above of her red and swollen. Agh! Swollen and red lips, ears, and cheeks. You can't tell from the photo, but she even had little hives on her arms, back, stomach, and legs. Not fun. But very easily cured :)

George and Olivia love water! They try to grab a drink anytime they see a water bottle... even if the bottle isn't theirs :)

Samuel is also enjoying the wide variety of accessories at our house... this one is the hat that is just like dads :)

George and Olivia are incorporating Samuel into their play more and more every day!


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