Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

What an incredible weekend! Where to begin...

First, it's Easter! Not much is better than that :)

Second, family and friends galore! This was the first holiday, EVER, that our family of five spent together. Not just taking a photo together during our five-minute visit, but we actually spent the entire holiday together. That's right, Samuel is still home! Tomorrow is a week... this is a new record for him. My heart beats faster every time I think about that. YEA!

We also had Crazy Cool 'Aunt' Brooke in town all weekend... and Omi, favorite-cousin-Madison, Aunt Nancy, and Kristen and Josh (we need to think of more creative names for them) all came for a big lunch on Easter. Our first dinner party in the new house - go figure we waited until Samuel was home, but I guess it makes sense, now we can't go anywhere so we ask people to come to us :) It was an awesome day! Especially since the guests all brought food... I'm guessing they didn't want to leave the cooking up to me - it would have been PB&J's for everyone :)

How bad is this... not a single group picture. Not even a picture of the babies together on Easter, and they were all dressed up! But a few cute ones from the weekend...

Samuel is home, and once again loving it! Lots of new toys to explore...

Turning on the charm :)

Samuel's first animal cracker! A bit of an error on BB's part... I thought this would be fun for him to chew on, until he accidentally bit off a leg. I've mentioned babies with trach's having oral aversions, and even though Samuel's isn't that bad, that little animal cracker leg hit the back of his tongue and I saw new shades of red and purple. Oops. But get this, he swallowed it! Not sure it's the positive experience I was hoping for, but I was impressed just the same. No more animal crackers for a while.

Morning Samuel!

Morning mom!

So proud of standing... and such a cheeseball!

Passed out - awwwww. CC 'Aunt' Brooke has the magic touch.

Easter weekend is a great time to celebrate - with drums!

And then there's Miss O, preparing for her weekend... thanks for the hair-do, dad!

Happy clapping!

Striking a pose!
At least I got one of them in their Easter outfit :)

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