Thursday, July 28, 2011

"Those" People

We are officially "those" people.  Last night we all went out to dinner (thanks Mo & Do!)... and when I say we ALL went, I mean Mo, Do, Kristen, and the five of us... yes, we took all three kiddos.  Oh yes, we were SO "those" people!

Waiter: Would you prefer this table (in the middle of the restaurant)? 
            Or, this table (in the corner)?
DB and BB: Seriously?!

Let the fun begin!  Unless you were also eating Mexican food that night, and in that case, I apologize :)

Woo Hoo!  We're at a restaurant WITH our kiddos!  You think anyone minds that we're "those" people, letting our children stand on the seat... ha ha!  If we only knew how tame this was!

10 minutes into the trip - the food arrives!  Talk about a crazy looking table, hope the waitress didn't mind that we were so busy trying to get everyone settled that we kind of just ordered one of everything :)  It was also at this point we realized Samuel was NOT very happy... uh oh...

The rest of the eating experience was about like this for Mr. Samuel...

Samuel, what's wrong?  AHHHHHHH
Samuel, let's play with every book and toy we brought... AHHHHHHH
Samuel, what can I do to make you happy?  AHHHHHHH

Light bulb comes on - the boy didn't take a nap today and all he wants to do is explore, not be stuck in the corner of a booth.  Great!

So unbelievably loud, this has to be funny or I just might cry :) 
Please notice in the close up that there are no tears... he's just mad!  The great thing about this is Samuel is definitely, finally, expressing himself.  Who knew temper tantrums could be cause for a mini celebration?!

Meanwhile, DB has finished feeding George and Olivia and they are quite content... Olivia sucking on the lemon from DB's water and George cleaning his plate.  Characters!
Too funny, Olivia was quite happy to be cuddled into the crook of DB's armpit the entire meal and George spent the dinner hour making sure everyone had a chip... if you ate it, he replaced it. 

Kristen takes her best shot with Samuel...

... and BB spends a moment taking a deep breath :)

At this point I'm pretty sure the waitress asked if we were okay and my mom (Mo) responded that the gentleman in the corner was clearly not pleased with his meal.  Ha ha!

Clean Plate Club!

Olivia, all that's left is the lemon rind, give it to me... the joys of motherhood :)

George and Olivia: Mo and Do, this was GREAT!


Nothin' we can't handle :)

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