Saturday, July 9, 2011

Time With Friends

There is nothing like time with friends!  We were very lucky to be blessed with visits from two of my best friends in the last two weeks.  I mentioned before that my friend Brooke came in town - not sure how I'll ever post all the great photos she took, and then last week my friend Julie came in town and brought her two kiddos, Hunter and Cecilia (2 and 4).  We were so spoiled to have such wonderful times together!

Brooke joins in Wabooshkie, and George and Olivia go full throttle!

Brooke brought this fabulous accessory... which also provided a few funny moments of terror.  Ha ha!  Once it caught on, the purple hair was a total hit!

Once again, more laughter courtesy of Brooke :)

Cecilia and BB reading about princesses :)

Hunter and DB talk about trucks :)
I guess some things are universal!

Even more fun with friends!

Samuel and Hunter compare notes about the always-loads-of-fun pine straw :)

George the Disciplinarian
George had to put one of his friends in time out this week,
apparently the alligator pushed Olivia :)
All I know is that from the kitchen I heard George lecturing someone,
and this is what I came out to find...

You might have to squint, but the troublemaker is located near George's toes :)

When I asked George if he thought the alligator was ready to come out of time out, he was very sure he was not!  Then I'm almost positive George mentioned something about the alligator needing to collect himself?!  Seriously?!

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