Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Do It Yourself

We don't really consider ourselves big time do-it-yourselfers (we have some friends who epitomize the word, which makes our projects seem not as major), but we have done some pretty cool stuff!  A few examples are that DB fenced in our entire backyard (prob about 1/2 acre) and built a little fish pond in our backyard :)  I suppose my contribution to DIY would be the few bows I just made... yes, me!  I actually made the one Olivia wore on the 4th of July!  If you don't know me and think that's a pretty lame DIY project, well, maybe through my excitement you now know me a little bit better.  Ha ha!

Our greatest DIY project, and reason for this post, has to be our most recent... this past Sunday we cut Samuel's hair!  All by ourselves!  He looks so handsome :)  Now before you think we've lost it because we gave him a little buzz cut, you have to realize what we are/were dealing with... first, Samuel will need probably three times as many haircuts as anyone else in our family, so we had to try it ourselves at some point.  The boys hair is crazy thick and full - thanks DB!  He's come a long way since his ICU days :)  Second, while I realize his hair looked great in photos, you should have seen it in real life... it was an absolute, bushy, partied-too-hard-last-night, mess.  Let's just say the boy needed a cut :)

Kristen and Josh were there for help and backup... here goes nothin'!

 Let the snipping fun begin!  Woo Hoo!  I like this cape, daddy :)

 Mama, watch the ear please, I've only got two of them...
(You should have seen the look on Kristen's face when I chuncked off a huge lock... I think that was when she realized how serious we were :)  Then reality set in and I started my nervous laugh... uh oh.)


Clippers are ticklish!  Why is everyone so serious?  This is great!
(Thank you DB for being so serious... there were no bald spots!)

 An all out family affair... until we were finished and I asked Olivia if she wanted to go next.  I had to quickly assure her I was joking before the "you're crazy" look begin giving way to "ahhhhhhhh!"

 Alright folks, this is getting old...
wait, I have a joke, how many people does it take to cut a 2-year olds hair?

 About halfway finished and check out the massive amounts of hair on the floor...
we are convinced Samuel is about 10 degrees cooler with his new 'do.

 Mama, is this just another chance for you to squeeze my cheeks?

 Almost finished...

Woo Hoo!  Haircut by dad!
Since we bathed away the itchiness of the new haircut,
I'm pretty sure Samuel has not stopped smiling :)

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