Sunday, July 17, 2011

Water-filled Weekend

We had a great, love-living-on-the-coast, weekend!   The Water Festival kicked off on Friday night and we were downtown bright and early Saturday to cheer on the kids from school in the Raft Races... Randy's Rafters showed tremendous effort, but unfortunately a steering problem had them out of it after the first round :) 

After a lap around the other festivities, including convincing Olivia not to run out and chase the balls in the bocce ball tournament, trying to combine the words Shrimp and Boat, zooming past all the artist booths to escape little fingerprints, and of course running and crawling as fast as possible in big open spaces, we packed up and headed to Omi's house just a few short blocks away.  It was a great morning!

Sunday was our first trip to the beach since DB's surgery!  It was so nice to be back in the sand and waves!  Kristen, Josh, and Josh's mom met us there for support, good thing because we needed it... these little buggers are getting faster by the day!

Only thing that could have made this weekend better... the US taking home the title.  Boo.  Sorry ladies.  You still rock!

On a side note, this past week we had a pulmonary appointment that was not water filled :)  Lungs sound great!  Samuel's CO2 is still a bit high, but other numbers seem to be in check so that's good.  The CO2 is still high enough to cause some concern so we're checking O2 sats at night.  We'll see.  But overall a great appointment!  Another med was cut in half and our next appointment isn't for two months... crazy.  Quickest appointment ever, and we even had time to visit our NICU friends.  I love those visits!  Samuel impressed his friends with his walking :)

Absolutely no photos from our weekend, was too busy chasing little people.  But, some great ones from a few weeks ago... pre-buzz cut :)

 Not sure I can explain my joy at finding Samuel in the sandbox... he has been more and more adventurous and testing his abilities and I just love it!  A few months ago, getting over the ledge would have been a huge hurdle, but Samuel's confidence and willingness to give it a shot it are increasing daily. 

 George loves his trucks!

 I'm smiling because I love the water...
but also because I have the entire water table to myself!  This never happens!

 Quick break from the trucks for a pat-pat :)

 Hi mom!
Samuel loves to open and close anything he can get his hands on, with no real interest in what's on the other side.  He just loves to open and close and inspect the hinges with extra special care :)

 Back to the truck!

Olivia's reply to "do you like your big wheel?" 

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