Wednesday, July 6, 2011

More Maiden Voyages!

It's really been a big last couple days!  In addition to Samuel's first trip to a store, as noted in DB's post :), we had two more big moments... a car ride and a group activity!

First, yesterday DB had his follow up appointment with his surgeon.  The appointment went really well, and despite the fact that his chest tube hole won't stop bleeding (darn blood thinners), the doctor was really pleased with the actual sternum-cracking-scar.  He thought DB looked good!  And, cleared him to start doing a few more things!  DB still has to be really careful for about two more weeks, his sternum isn't quite healed yet, and any damage could lead to life-long issues, but he is excited to have a bit more freedom. 

I think he'll try to get into cardiac rehab next week and they can help him along.  But, DB did drive the car about a mile down to the drugstore last night - YEA!  The last four weeks he has had to rely on a ride to go anywhere... in addition to being really uncomfortable in the car.  It's still a bit uncomfortable, and turning the wheel is a bit difficult, so I think his drives may not be more than a mile or so for a little while.  But, I think it's going to be great for DB to be able to get out of the house on his own a bit.  (Especially since it will be about eight more weeks before he is cleared to resume his pre-surgery life.)

Second, and possibly the coolest thing (yes, even better than Wal-Mart), we went to church as a family this past Sunday!  Not only was it great just to go, but this was also the first time our children have done any type of nursery school/play group/etc... EVER.  They've never really been to any public places besides doctors offices, grocery shopping, and the park - this was huge!  Our friend Gwen said she would help out in the nursery that day, so we were able to leave all three while we went to the service - it was wild.  Thank you so much Gwen!

I cried.  It was kind of embarrassing.  I just couldn't help myself!  We walked away from the nursery and the tears just came!  Luckily there was an empty hallway I could cry in and collect myself :)  Hopefully this will make their first day of 2-year old preschool easier?!  Geez!

They had a great time!  George was perfectly happy... Samuel had fun, but really wanted to explore past the baby gate blocking the door... and Olivia did well except for one meltdown, during which they almost had to come get me, but in the end she collected herself and enjoyed a little cup of goldfish.  Yea!

I got absolutely no photos from either of these events!  Sad.  The boys looked so cute in their matching green shirts and of course Olivia was adorable in her summer dress... boo.  But, we did get some great photos of the new pool daddy picked out at Wal-Mart!

 Fun, fun, for everyone!
Although we had to explain to Scout he couldn't get in this pool because it would pop, poor guy.  He did make sure to take a drink once the kids were finished... ew, grass and sand!

 Olivia was not only all smiles, but also the first to grasp the slide from one pool to another... she loved it!  Slide, laugh, run back to the bigger pool, and repeat!

 After a brief hesitation, Samuel joined right in the fun too!  He was splashing and playing right along with G and O :)

 Mamma, do you mind?  I'm busy!
Of course Samuel's favorite thing was to go in and out of the shallower pool...
what a mess, but he loved it!

I couldn't catch George in the pool, he was a crazy man and then running all over with his dump truck, but I did sneak this photo of him giving Samuel a smooch... I love it :)  
Notice there are no pillows on the couch? 
They created a landing pad for bouncing children :)

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