Sunday, November 13, 2011

On Sale?

Our family of five has had a wonderful last few weekends!  We are getting out and about, and the kids are loving it just as much as DB and me. 

We've done stuff like the beach, the Veteran's Day parade, Omi's house, even just doing errands.  Of course, not much gets done when the five of us go together to do errands :)  But we have fun checking out all the sites.  Today we went to Lowe's, and in addition to a new light fixture, checked out every. single. Christmas. decoration.  Actually, it was wonderful seeing my babies faces light up at each new, sparkly, thing.  Olivia asked me, "mommy, who is that man up there?"  It was a giant motion sensored Santa Claus :) 

But the best comment today came on our way to the car ... we were walking out of Lowe's and DB had all the goods in his cart and I had all the kids in mine.  This woman paused as she drove by me with the biggest smile on her face and asked, "Wow, are they on sale?!"  My reply, "Yep, three for the price of one!" :)

Other great comments from the last week:
  • "Turn it back on!"  by Olivia after Omi blew out her birthday candle.  The candle was re-lit multiple times.
  • "River", "Monkey", "Elmo", "Help"... all new words this week for Samuel!  He has signed "help" before and loves to make monkey noises, but never actually said the words! 
  • "I have an urge!"  by George... after bath running around naked, I didn't want him to have an accident on the carpet, but was busy getting Samuel and Olivia dressed, so told him to let me know if he had an urge (to potty).
  • "Did someone poop?"  said by DB and I... pretty sure we've said that every day for the last few years :) 
Great photos from the last week :)

Uncle Jay gets tackled!

Uncle Jay gets double-teamed :) 

Such a little man :) 
Even though he's been doing it with ease for some time now, it still amazes me to turn around and see Samuel sitting in a chair or on the couch.  My comfort is in his ability to also get off the couch, he's such a big kid now!

Veteran's Day Parade
I was so proud of all three kids, they did a great job at their first parade!
Olivia and George were so good at waving their flags and telling the veterans "Good Morning"... and Samuel, well, Samuel was really good at being patient, and then very good at showing off his walking skills going up and down the block we watched the parade from :)

More than halfway through I realized we had been so focused on all the neat things in the parade that I had no photos... but getting George to smile was a piece of cake, he loved the motorcycles! 

Between the marching bands, the actual marching of rotc and other military groups, the cool cars, the pirettes (especially Miss-Kenzie), and all of the other things that go vroom, George and Olivia were almost awestruck! 

There was another fun part about the parade that I completely forgot about...
let me zoom in...

... check out how much candy those little hands can hold!
I count at least six things plus her flag, and she was not letting any of it go!

I'm pretty sure the firetrucks trumped everything though... candy included :)

Omi and DB took turns walking with Samuel - he loved it!

But he was not very happy about the parade ending...

... not even George could cheer him up!

Happy Birthday Omi!
I mentioned last month that the kids attended their first kid-birthday party,
and since then they love talking about their birthdays and even prepare birthday cakes, birthday muffins, and birthday waters quite often in their kitchen :)  The fact that it was Omi's birthday was almost too much!  They loved singing to her and talking about it all day.

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