Thursday, November 17, 2011

Weekend with Do

When he was on this side of the country for a conference, Do (my dad) made a pit stop on his way home to visit us the first weekend in November.  It was such a treat to have him here!  I can't lie, made me miss my mom... but we really loved having him here.  Plus, they will both be here for Christmas in just six weeks!  (Wow, Christmas is in six weeks?) 

We try to skype with Mo and Do a couple times a month, which is nice because Do wasn't a complete stranger to them when he arrived.  In fact, all three gravitated towards him very quickly, I loved it!  Samuel even tapped him on the back at one point and said, "Do" :)

Good Morning!
The kids thought it was great that when they woke up, Do was right there :)

 A train!  Since Do's visit, George has continued making these trains all over the house :)

 Do was amazed at how much Samuel has changed since their last visit, and Samuel loved showing off his new tricks :)

 Even Olivia warmed up quickly to Do, which is generally quite a task!

Beach Trip
It was a little chilly, but no one seemed to mind... once we pulled into the park, it was all smiles!
Plus, we checked out the lighthouse, which the kids have never done.

 Samuel and Do taking a stroll.

 The second George's feet hit the sand, he was scooping!

 The balance beam practice is paying off :)

  I love the sand so much... I might just get really excited and lick it!

 Ack!  Bad idea!  Bad idea!

 Beach buddies



 Group photos rock!
BB and Do: Cheese!
Olivia: Hmmm, what's that over there?
George: That light house is really tall!
Samuel: Hi Do!  Hey, Do, over here!

Sunday Morning News

Just like Do!

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