Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween... The Real Deal!

I suppose four posts about Halloween seems a bit excessive... but I jumped right back into taking photos and simply could not have posted them all at once :)  Ha ha!  It's just so much harder to take as many photos - they can all run in different directions!  I love that... they can ALL run.  Samuel has started trying to run lately, he actually moves slower, but he stomps his feet really hard and quickly and smiles as if he's running 100 miles per minute.

Olivia, George, and Samuel all loved their costumes this year!  They had absolutely no idea who they were, but could have cared less... Olivia was excited to be a blue fish and George was excited to be a turtle.  One of the best parts was not only were they easy, but also comfortable and warm.  While I missed some of the joy in making their costumes this year, I have to say, I was a fan of the store-bought costumes :)  Actually, I completely scored - our friend who has twins handed down two of the three.

Flash back time!  Click here for Halloween 2009, and here for Halloween 2010.  Blows my mind!  I'll say it again, what a difference a year makes. 

Best attempts at a group photo...
believe me, there were more attempts than just these two :)

Samuel: Let's keep moving!
George: I have an itch on my cheek!
Olivia: Yum, check out this candy!

Individuals were much easier :)
Staring Nemo...


... and Little Squirt!

Trick-or-treating is fun!
We went to about five houses, and each one was like a new fun adventure.  I loved watching George and Olivia's faces light up when a smiling face came to the door and then gave them candy :)

Come on, Omi! 
If Samuel's feet were on the ground, he was walking... here, there, and back again.

Happy momma!

Happy daddy!

Crazy children... eating "ice cream"?!

Kristen was such a good sport, I'm sure it was because the "ice cream" was so tasty ;)

Our last stop was at our friend's house, David and Marianne, who have a Halloween party every year.  It's great!  It's for kids, adults, teenagers, everyone - just to enjoy Halloween.  I love that when we moved, it was into their neighborhood :)

Samuel was fascinated by the fire pit...
Mr. David (as G and O call him) made sure Samuel didn't end up IN the fire pit :)

Once at the party, G and O took a second to relax and have a slice of pizza and a drink... while Samuel was a combination of on the run and a complete snuggle bug. 

Josh is one of his best buddies!
I will spare you the photos of later that night... about 15 minutes after we walked into the door, the I'm-tired-and-crying-but-I-don't-know-why-and-I-can't-stop started :)  Sweet kiddos!  What a great night!

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