Tuesday, November 15, 2011


The kids have always loved cousin Madison, but during her last visit week, Samuel made a discovery... Madison's phone!  The photos aren't great, the flash wiped the color right out, but they were too funny not to share.  These are completely in the order they were taken!

Madison is minding her own business, probably either texting, looking at facebook, or sharing youtube videos with DB... then Samuel toddles along...

 Whatcha got there?!
(DB and Samuel's nurse show him songs on theirs, so I guarantee that's what he was hoping to find :) )

 Samuel:  "Hmmm... mind if I see this?"  Madison is so patient...

 Madison: "Sure Samuel, let me show you something..."

 Samuel mustered up one, good, cheesy, fake smile for me.  Stinker. 
He might as well have given me the I'm Busy Mom sigh...

 Samuel: "Ooooo... ahhhhh"

How about my turn again?!  :)

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