Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Weekend... Part 1!

We had a wonderful Easter weekend!  Holidays are becoming more and more fun as the kids get excited about them.  Plus, we got to take a little family vacation!  Olivia and George were a bit concerned when we started packing and talking about this mystical place called "vacation," but ever since they arrived at the beach, it's been their new favorite word :)  Well, that and "beach house," which is one of my personal favorite's, too.

DB's brother rented a house at a beach about 90 minutes away, and invited us to come and stay for a few days... it was absolutely awesome!  We arrived at the house and all three children went nuts!  Rushing from room to room, excitedly telling us all about each room... and then repeating the rounds and finding all new things to be excited about.  It was hysterical.  One of my personal favorites was the thrilling "holes in the ceiling," which most of us refer to as skylights :)  Oh to see through the eyes of a child!

We probably could have stayed inside the entire trip and the kids would have been perfectly content.  There were very few toys and a fabulous view they were partially interested in, but regardless, they were in heaven.  But no, the beach was calling!

Easier to tell the story in photos... that's where the Part 1 comes in, I took quite a few photos :)  Which is funny now that I'm looking back at it, because there were so many things I missed!  Now that they can all run in different directions (including the ocean) I feel like it's definitely harder to catch things on film.  Here's the trip before Easter Sunday...

 There is a little maritime museum on the beach, and the kids loved it!  In fact, they felt right at home when one of the first things they saw were hermit crabs... which they have in their classroom.

 In the same tank were stingray's, which of course were fascinating :)

 Olivia: Cool fish!
George: I think he's looking at me...

 Alligator teeth!

 Samuel wasn't terribly interested... until this guy!

He laughed with delight, chasing it around the tank...

 ... and even offered a smooch :)

Of course the beach was a favorite :)

Everyone was even up for photos :)
First Samuel...

 ... then George joined in the fun...
(Best buds!)

 ... before I knew it, all three cheesin' it up!
(No wonder Olivia considers herself the big sister, ha!)

 A little time to soak in the warm sunshine :)

 A little time to play with a kite :)
It was hysterical... all three kids loved Uncle Jay's over sized kite, but Samuel was absolutely thrilled.  Laughing and running all over the place!  Of course, they also thought it was pretty cool when Uncle Jay helped them each fly it!

 In fact, the kids had so much fun that nap time wasn't a struggle :)

 George, leave your brother alone... ha ha!

An Easter morning preview :)

 Kids first Peeps!  George and Olivia dove right in!

 Samuel on the other hand... checked it out...

 ... gave it a squeeze and a little closer look...

 ... and decided, no thanks!  Ha!

 George treated everyone to a story :)

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