Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Weekend... Part 2!

Then came Easter morning!  Like Christmas, the kids didn't know to expect all the hoopla that morning... which meant they slept well and were in no rush to get down stairs :)  But, they sure did enjoy it!

Everyone enjoyed hunting for eggs! 
Olivia had the collect-as-many-as-possible-go-go-go strategy :)

George had the savor-each-egg-as-soon-as-you-find-it strategy!

Samuel checked out the eggs to humor us, 
but was much more interested in the crazy grass :)

Another classic...

... of course, try explaining to 3-year olds that once you put the egg in the dye you're just supposed to sit there and watch it for a while... ha!

The guitar was a surprising favorite... we weren't surprised they loved it, but it was just awesome to see Samuel's fascination.

The crew joined in immediately...

... and while Olivia and George danced, Samuel was mostly amazed at where the noise was coming from.

Couldn't get all dressed up and not take some family photos!

Can't I just wear it to bed?!  
Mo, Olivia loved her dress... thank you :)

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