Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Time to March!

The March of Dimes was last weekend, and once again an incredible success!  Huge thanks to everyone who donated, forwarded our video, and offered encouragement.  Once again, our family felt such overwhelming support for the March!

For three years running, our family has marched... the first year was kind of last minute, but no matter :)  I mention it for two reasons:
  • The first, looking back at photos from years one and two is pretty incredible!  You can click here for Year One, and here for Year Two.  Our pulmonologist always told us not to count progress by days, or even weeks, but by months and years... all I can say is, wow.
  • The second is that it continues to amaze me how many people get involved each year.  Not only are there new people giving to the march every year, but we have new teammates actually walking every year, too!  As you may have seen if you clicked on the links above, year one was a team effort with supporters at home and those walking with us.  Year two our team grew to include my girls and a group of students from school, among others.  Year three, once again things change... and families from our children's school join us both in making donations and walking that day.  So incredible!
Like I said above, it was once again an awesome day.  For the third year we were recognized with some type of fundraising recognition... this year being the second highest fundraising team.  What a thought... WE (every person who gave a gift, walked, or forwarded our info on) are making a difference in the lives of babies.  What an overwhelming feeling!

Of course, some fun photos from the day :)

First thing, come on guys, cheese!
George: Ok!
Samuel: Why?
Olivia: It's too early, mom, give me a break. 

The crew!
Well, part of it... I have some great photos of our big team, with some teachers, parents, and kiddos from Little Brown School, but I forgot to ask all the mama's permission to put their little ones online... drat. 

Olivia and George in the butterfly garden... Samuel was off entertaining the crowd :)
This was really sweet, each butterfly had the name of a child being celebrated and/or remembered that day.  There were butterflies celebrating children born healthy, in support of preemies, and in memory of children who did not make it.  Took your breath away just a little... 

Away we go!
Check out the background, one of my favorite parts of the walk is the scenery... we walk along the marsh for a bit and to a little beach, which is the turnaround point.

Olivia and one of her best buds, Sterling, leading the pack :) 

And with energy to burn! 

 George eventually walked a bit too...
but overall he and Samuel were quite content in the stroller :)

After the walk, nothing better than a snack with another one their best buds, Paige! 

 Olivia made sure to find a comfy spot... with Madison :)

 Samuel found a great spot too, with Katie :)  
She is his shadow at LBS and they are great friends!

 George also found a spot... with a few of his heroes :)
The dad of the Ambassador Family this year is a fireman, so a bunch of the guys came out and actually wore all their gear for the walk, I was seriously impressed.  The kids were seriously thrilled!

Another highlight, George got to try on the suit!  
Well, the boots and hat, but they were so big that would probably be all he needs, ha!
He was beaming :)

I love how kids tell you "I need to go home now" ;)

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