Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Another great check-up

We got to see the babies today - it was AWESOME!!! The last time we saw them was three weeks ago, and I know that doesn't sound like a long time, but it felt like ages... they've changed so much!

Everyone got a good report :) Baby B played hardball today and was tough to photograph, but all three are right around a pound each, are all within 10 days gestation of each other, all have strong heartbeats - and my belly is growing!

About 24 hours before each doctor's appointment David and I start to get giddy... and anxious. I can't explain it, but we get so worked up for each appointment! I swear on every car ride to the doctors office I totally tear up - I just feel so incredibly blessed :) The thought of seeing them again just makes us smile like crazy... but I'm guessing like any expecting parents, we also get a little nervous. The nervousness is not a fun feeling. But, these are our children... so I think that's normal... at least that's what we tell ourselves :)

We talked a lot with the doctor about the best ways to keep them in my belly for longer... go figure, her number one recommedation was to take it easy. I'm convinced this is one of the many reasons David goes to all of the visits - because if no one else would have been in the room, I totally would have let that advice go in one ear and out the other :) No, I've actually been really good about it so far... not perfect, but really good! But, it's tough... after so many years of doing what you want, when you want to, it's certainly a change. Guess it's starting to prepare us for parenting! ha ha!


Rikki said...

You need to listen to the doctors B. D is a smart cookie! Just think of it as energy being stored up for after the babies are born.

There is always a Real World marathon to watch...or if you are lucky, an Iron Man triathalon to catch! ;)

Plop your skinny ass on the couch and veg. You are growing 3 friggin' humans, take it easy girl.

Love ya!

Vicki said...

WOW...WOW...WOW....YOU, A, B, C and DADDY are the most amazing of amazing - that is the most gorgeous of bellies and your thoughts are the most precious of words...thanks for sharing these details of your daily miracle! Keep writing and know that Madison and I are here for the Byrne Family of five! with love forever and always!

Lindsey said...

cannot believe you guys are having TRIPLETS! so glad things are going well and glad to find you on here so that i can keep up with you. listen to your doctor and take it easy!!!