Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Vertigo, progesterone, and acid... oh my

What a crazy last 24 hours! How many times will I say THAT in the next few weeks :) Ha ha!

This week started at 6am on Monday morning... I woke up, sat up quickly, and had that dizzy feeling you get from a head rush. But, instead of getting better over the next few minutes, it got worse. The spinning was crazy, and I felt like I was going to fall over any time I sat or stood up... once again, David was awesome! Not only did he make sure I didn't fall over :), but he got me started on the foods... thinking I might have low blood sugar, I ate a ton in the first few hours of the morning. When the doctor's office opened at 8:30am, they told me to come in... they checked all my vitals and the babies... everything looked great! Except, I was still crazy dizzy.

I get car sick very easily, especially if I try to read - I wear these REALLY cool bracelets to help me not puke :) Apparently pregnancy can intensify things like this... in this case, vertigo. UGH. They said that this, combined with probably low blood sugar first thing in the morning, could be the cause. It was crazy, the nurse had me lie down to take a blood pressure test... I thought I was going to fall off the table! I was holding onto the walls and my mother-in-law for support. While they both provided much needed support, my mother-in-law in more ways than I can begin to thank her for, the spinning just wouldn't stop. What the?!

While it was scary, that visit ended up great... first, they said even though I felt awful, the babies were good to go! That's always great news :) Second, they gave me meds for the vertigo and I felt almost completely better within 24 hours! (Unfortunately it could come back, but now I have the meds just in case.) And third, I also asked the doctor about this fun acid reflux I've been having and she gave me something for that too... I haven't had any acid issues since then! This is a serious miracle!!! I was getting it after eating everything and anything!

To top off this Too Much Information post - today I got my first progesterone shot :) I'll be getting one per week - it doesn't affect the babies at all, but there's a really good chance it could help my body hold on to the pregnancy for longer. Yea! The really fun part - they put it in your bootie, and it hurts! Oh well, I get to have three babies, so guess I can deal with a weekly shot :)

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Rikki said...

Glad to hear that everything is okay! :) Thank goodness for modern medicine. Vertigo is not fun. Come to think of it, reflux isn't a walk in the park either.

Was the nurse who administered your progesterone shot shocked when she discovered your little booty was in fact, made of jello? ;)