Sunday, December 14, 2008

Babies and their stuff

I swear there are more babies right now than EVER before! Since I got pregnant, I notice them all over the place! Too funny - David and I have started to do things like try and guess how old each of them is, notice the funny faces that they make, hear them crying in places like restaurants - to which David always asks if our babies will make that noise, pay closer attention to the gear the parents are carrying, etc... and it all makes us that much more excited for our babies to be here!

We've also started to picture what it will be like with three of them... whew!

Today we went to Babies R Us for the first time... I went with my mom for a quick visit over Thanksgiving, but David wasn't there and it was all a bit overwhelming to stay long. Well... today we still had that overwhelmed feeling (who knew babies could need so much stuff?!), but we know we've got to start getting ready for them to come, so we committed to making the trip. One of our smartest moves - we went with our niece and sister-in-law... they were fantastic! Not only have they been super excited and supportive, but it just so turns out that they also know their way around baby stuff!! I know it sounds crazy, but I don't even know what to look for in a diaper bag, much less a baby swing... or what colors are best for baby sleeping verses baby development while playing. It's CRAZY! It's also pretty cool :) It was also great to have them when David wandered off... to Toys R Us for a little monster truck to "complete his collection", or to catch a nap sitting in the gliders, or find every monkey in the store and insist we buy it :) But, I do think that after our trip today David is more convinced that we do actually need a decent stroller... he can't just duct tape 3 of the cheapest ones together and go with it.

We took lots of notes and I have a baby registry on my to-do list for this week :) 14 weeks feels like a lifetime... and right around the corner... all at the same time. Speaking of which, time to go read to them... we've got lots of Dr. Seuss to cover in the next few weeks!

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