Monday, December 1, 2008

Home from Thanksgiving

We just got home from a fantastic Thanksgiving trip! We were so excited to go to Arizona! At first the doctors were very nervous about letting me go (we officially completed the 20th week on Thanksgiving!), but in the end everything worked out...

We had three doctors appointments the two weeks before we left, and all of them revealed good news! I'm still amazed at every appointment when I realize how much I don't know :) Everything they looked for, some of which I still don't completely understand, was great! I won't go into too much detail - I'll probably really mis-speak - but all babies are healthy, growing like weeds (at this point they still grow at the same rate as if there was only one in there - yes, I'm huge!), have all the major parts, and seem to be changing so much every time we see them. We love them so much!

Back to Thanksgiving... amazing trip. I flew out on Sunday and David met me out there when school got out on Tuesday. I didn't think this would be that big of a deal... it was only 2-3 days apart... but it was the first time I've been apart from him since I got pregnant, and I might be a little hormonal, and I missed him so much! Leaving that airport was harder than I ever could have imagined - and seeing him get off the plane in AZ was absolute joy! I know, cheesy, but I'm trying to be honest here :) I couldn't believe it either!

A huge highlight of the trip was the Babies Shower that my parents threw on Friday - we LOVED celebrating with everyone! We had a ton of family there, some good friends, and even some Beaufort friends that recently moved to AZ. I was a little nervous about being the mother-to-be at the shower - I've never been on that side before - but it was an incredible feeling to get so many hugs, well wishes, and prayers. Everyone was so excited for us! We had these big silly smiles on our faces all night :)

Another highlight - seeing my grandfathers :) Yes, I absolutely loved seeing everyone else, and of course my parents and brother are fantastic (as is my cousin who stayed with us all week!), but there was something about that twinkle in grandad and grampa's eyes... the extra excitement that just shown through their smiles and their questions... it was just awesome.

Mom and Dad - you rock! Thank you for such a great party!

Now, we're here in Beaufort until the babies come... a little more than 15 weeks to go. (If you're looking for something to add to your prayers - we want the babies to stay in the oven for a while! Preterm labor is one of our highest risks from here on out.) The shower was a reality check too, so last night we started working on the nursery :) The first thing was to choose new carpet... there was this little accident with a fish tank and 10-gallons of water about a year back which left a nice cut-out peice in the carpet - fun story for later :) We're on our way!


Local Girl said...

hey byrnes!!
sounds like a great trip, and a much-needed one, at that! can't wait to see you in january! still lookin' for the belly pic, mamacita...


Rikki said...

I agree with Darrah, now that you are blooging belly pics are in order. Glad to hear that all the babes are doing well. Do we know what flavor they are? Are we finding out?

Rikki said...

Blooging...I meant blogging.