Saturday, December 20, 2008

Spreading baby cheer

I know that this time of year it should be "spreading holiday cheer" - but this year is certainly VERY different from any other for DB and me! Obviously there are some not fun things about pregnancy (see previous post :) ), but for the most part being pregnant is the coolest thing ever! One of the many things that amazes me daily, and lifts my spirits and makes me smile on my tired days AND even on my good days (which is most of them - I'm pretty lucky), is the enthusiasm other people show towards our babies. It's like having this little piece of pure joy in my belly and it seems to be a miracle not only to us, but even to complete strangers... it's the greatest thing!

We have quite a few, but this is a great example - on Friday DB and I went to lunch... as we were walking in there was this cute older man standing outside. When we saw us he gave us the biggest smile ever, and said something like, congratulations - is this your first? Well, of course any time we get that question we just have to share that this is our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd! I think if he could have jumped up and down he would have - his reaction was just awesome! He walked inside with us and introduced us to his wife, exitedly telling her about our babies. She was overjoyed too! DB and I had the biggest smiles on our faces the entire time :) It was like we had just told a family member - they were thrilled for us, wanted to know more, and started sharing stories about their own "babies". It's like the baby joy is contagious! At the end of the conversation they asked our last name and told us they would be sure to keep an eye out for our announcement in the newspaper. Talking with them was like getting this little jolt of energy!

We are so lucky to live in a town, and work at a place, where we have lots of people excitred for, and with us! When I got pregnant one thing I heard a lot was to be prepared for people to give me unsolicited advice... and while of course I get advice (which is okay too because I'm like a sponge right now!), what I get even more is an enthusiasm for the babies that is overwhelming. They say it takes a village, and if that's the case we are certainly in the right spot... not only are the villagers here kind and warm, but the care and affection they already show for our little miracles is more than any mom and dad could ask for :)

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