Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!!! I know, it's a bit late, but like everyone else, we've been busy... my parents were in town for an entire week! It was awesome to have them here :) I felt kind of bad because we didn't do a whole lot... I get tired pretty quickly... but they assured me they had a great time just relaxing. This was our first Christmas in Beaufort, and we were so lucky to have them here!

We also got to spend Christmas with DB's local family. It was such a treat! Plus, we got to celebrate with our dogs :) Not sure they really knew the reason for the season, but the dialogue we created for them suggested they were psyched that we were finally at home for Christmas!

DB and I joked that we had to remind ourselves to take time to fully appreciate this Christmas because we're already so excited about next Christmas! Our babies will be old enough to enjoy the lights and ornaments and songs that go along with the holiday (even though we may be too exhausted to share in their fun - ha ha!), but not quite old enough to understand the idea of presents :) We did have lots of good times last week... but I probably had my most emotional moments the morning my parents left, when it was just DB and I sitting on the porch. Everyone was gone and it was just us. It was a nice morning and our dogs were next to us wagging their tails, which is generally the sign of a very good start to the day... but something was missing. I miss my parents.

We are so lucky to live where we do, and incredibly lucky to have some of DB's family so close... but there's just something about your parents that nothing can quite replace. Even though we can drive each other crazy from time to time, there's something about having them within arms reach that I can't explain. From my experience, it hits home especially when you're going through such a big life change :) Plus, one of the craziest realizations I had, the next time I see them... WE'LL HAVE THREE KIDS!

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