Thursday, March 18, 2010


Tomorrow morning we are bringing Samuel home again! Of course, that is considering all goes well tonight, but our hopes are through the roof :)

There was talk of a family meeting, during which we would make a plan for Samuel to come home... but he has done so well this week that the meeting is not necessary anymore! There are certain things he must be able to do, for example 4-hours on the trach collar and tolerating bolus feeds, but he has been a rock star this week and is ready to come home. (Refresher - trach collar is when he comes off the ventilator and receives just a steady, light flow of oxygen. Regarding the feeds, he has been on continuous feeds, which he will stay on over night, but during the day we compress his feeds, and feed him every three hours for an hour, so he doesn't have to be hooked up to his feeding pump all day.)

I'm not sure why, but this time feels more surreal than last time. It was such a big ordeal to get in the training and dot our i's and cross our t's last time... and this time it feels like we're forgetting to do something :) We already have 5 days of home experience under our belts, and certainly feel ready... I guess we're just missing the chaos and uncertainty of the first time. ha ha! I don't mind not having those :)

We do still have that same smile-a-mile-wide feeling! Our hearts are so happy! And, I do still have that feeling of lots to do. For one, we really haven't been in Samuel's room since he went back to the hospital three weeks ago. It was just too hard. So today was cleaning, reorganizing, taking stock of supplies, etc, and it feels GREAT! Our baby is coming home!

Off to finish those things I "must" do before Samuel comes home, and to try to get some sleep... although I'm not sure how that's possible right now. I'm so excited! And, unfortunately, nervous... I've never wished so much for the phone NOT to ring. Please be a good baby tonight, Samuel... we want you to come home :)

Check it out - tomorrow we get to drive him home... in our own car! Agh! I love it!


PRentz said...

We are praying for Samuel's homecoming to be longer and less "exciting" this time.
Go God! We are so thankful for Samuel progressing so well.
Pam and Tim

MatersandMelons said...

Oh, I hope y'all got to bring him home! Keep us updated!!

Christie O'Neal