Saturday, March 27, 2010

Third Time's a Charm

We are on track to bring Samuel home on Monday! YEA! Only six days after being re-admitted... last time it was almost three weeks. Six days is much better :)

Monday will be a busy day... we have High Risk Clinic (this is a follow-up clinic at MUSC due to their prematurity, it's really great) with George and Olivia at 12:30, then a family care conference with Samuel's team around 2:30, and then we bring all three babies home. Wow! We will need two cars and at least three adults because Samuel has a lot of gear, but it's totally do-able :)

A few catch-up photos...
Samuel's first car ride! This was when we brought him home last Friday. He was so good!
You would never know these are all hospital photos because Samuel is such a happy boy :)

His new favorite book... Eating the Alphabet. Too bad mom can't pronounce Xigua!

This is the "I'm a little worn out from sitting up" pose... that's right, Samuel is starting to sit up on his own :)

Loving my musical book and the flashing lights!

Nothing wrong with the good old favorite rattle.

Love this! Samuel has started sucking water out of a syringe! I know that sounds odd, but this is so great for him! He is making more and more strides towards eating and drinking every day :)

Can't forget Olivia and George...

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Lindsey said...

hope you are all enjoying a blessed Easter weekend at home, TOGETHER!