Thursday, March 25, 2010


What an eventful week! Including, our very first shiner :) Olivia is always on the move... this time she got a little ahead of herself and met the hinge on the door with a bit too much force. Throughout the past year we have learned a ton of medical stuff... but I was at total loss for a cut! Luckily, no stitches necessary.

Same day as the incident... notice that nice left eye... my self-soother :)

The next day... back to normal!
DB likes to brag about his rough and tumble daughter... who loves to wear bows :)

More fun around the house...

I guess George didn't get the memo from Olivia that doors can be dangerous!

George in his sweet, southern boy outfit :) Love it!

Don't worry DB, even though George looks great in his pleated outfit, he can still palm a basketball :)

Olivia playing peek-a-boo with Lambchop...

... and their special game "ouchie, ouchie, ouchie," with dad. Not sure this will be very funny when something is actually ouchie :)

The couple days Samuel was home last weekend were awesome!

Lots of smiles and playtime :)

And dancing! This photo doesn't do the moment justice... Samuel was rocking back and forth so hard he almost knocked his seat over! We can't wait for him to be home again.

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Lindsey said...

ahhh.. i remember elle's first shiner well. glad to see olivia's fared well! crazy to think you feel unprepared for a cut?!