Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Way It Should Be

Our family is together again! YEA! What a sweet, sweet feeling to have all of your babies under the same roof. I think I almost forgot what that felt like... I love it!

Samuel came home on Friday afternoon and we have had a wonderful few days. I also think I forgot how happy he was the last time he was home - his smiles are huge :) We are back on the learning curve, giving meds, troubleshooting the ventilator and feeding pump, mixing Samuel's cocktails, suctioning, etc. It is so wonderful to take care of him! Makes me feel like his mama - there's nothing better than that.

One great piece of news - we met our primary home nurse, and she has trach experience! This is a huge prayer answered. Especially after the last couple weeks, I was terrified to even think about leaving him when I have to go to work. With Samuel, knowing how to do an emergency trach change is part of the package. So embarrassing, but when I found out she would be full-time I actually choked up and shed a few tears... in front of her! We are still looking for a few backup nurses with trach experience in case she has to miss a day, so if you know anyone interested...

Pictures to come... we are doing really well... but not getting much sleep yet :) Off to try and remedy that.


Rikki said...

YAY! Glad that the clan is back under the same roof! Love and hugs to all!

megan said...

So very happy for the Byrne Family of five!!! You and David are truly an inspiration and wonderful role models. Your babies are precious. Wishing you all a happy Easter and a spring break filled with lots of family time:) Warmly, The Kahns