Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Haircut Day - Part Two!

We took all three babies to get haircuts last week... and it was great :) Yes, really! Only a few tears, and they were easily solved by lollipops. I have to say, these are the times when I pat myself on the back for not giving them much candy :) Just like last time, at first they wouldn't touch the lollipops, but after that first lick, they were hooked and all insecurities about this new place were forgotten.

This haircut was not JUST a haircut. (Go figure!) Well, maybe for George and Olivia it was, but for Samuel, it was more than that. This was Samuel's first haircut that was for the sole purpose of being cute. Every other haircut he has had was in the hospital, and all of them were done in order to put some type of line into his little head. No lines (or iv's) or anything of the sort this time... just a little trim on the top, a nice clean-up around the neck line, and a bit off the back... and just to improve upon his already smashing good looks :)

Once again, George went first - brave boy!

Olivia was more comfortable with the idea after watching George... but this was definitely good use of a lollipop!

Samuel wasn't too thrilled about it...

... nope, not happy...

... and again, still not happy...

Seriously Samuel, it's not THAT bad! Get your thumb out of your eye!

Handsome boy! But he didn't seem too impressed :)

I just love these photos :)

Like Samuel, George was also uninterested in showing off his trimmed up hair - too many trucks going by!

Olivia, on the other hand, was all smiles!
Above, cheesy and real... Below, cheesy and fake, but still too cute :)

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Lindsey said...

the thought of taking three little ones to get haircuts is overwhelming! hope you had lots of help! i haven't taken reese yet, just been trimming it myself, which is why he looks a bit like jim carrey in dumb and dumber... merry christmas to you guys!