Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pumpkin Buttons

There's more to Halloween than just costumes and candy... there are more fun outfits! We made the most of the time we spent wearing ours :) George and Olivia got to attend our school's Fall Festival, Samuel got to wear his get-up to the pulmonologist, and all three went to the park. Have I mentioned we love the park?!

Fun at the Fall Festival... not quite IN the jump castle, but we had fun on the step :) Actually, George had fun on the step... Olivia loosened up a bit at Pumpkin Bowling... and both loved playing with the pine straw on the ground. Simple pleasures!

Someone has been paying attention to daddy...

Samuel and Omi sharing a joke :)

Brothers :)

Hey, wait a second, you're wearing my shirt!
Mom, seriously, matching shirts?!
Yes, and I loved every minute of it :)

Daughter and Daddy... Not sure who is happier :)

Olivia - Omi, if I jump, will you catch me?
George - Really?! Go O-ee!

Chillin' at the park...

... laughing at the park...

... and of course, running at the park!
Olivia loved the "Punkin' Buttons" on her pants :) Mama loved the cute hand-me-downs!

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