Monday, November 15, 2010

Just Because

No story here, except the ones the photos tell :)
Another good day with the Byrne babies...

Smiling and swinging, as usual :)

Hysterical! This was the face Samuel made when you pushed him extra high - I compared it to the feeling I get at an amusement park on that big boat ride that swings back and forth. I was so happy that he was enjoying it! We'll see how much he loves it in about 30 years ;)

Happy just being George :)

Lunch for three, please!

The Boys
Samuel, check out the boats!

Nah, check out those dogs, George!

Nothing better than hanging out with your brother :)

Samuel's First Big Slide

He has been on the little ones before, but this slide was major for Samuel!
I think he was a little unsure at first...
... and maybe still a little unsure...

... but eventually he gave up the act and told me he loved it! Ha ha!

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