Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Our first Thanksgiving together! And get ready, there are about to be a lot more togetherness firsts with the upcoming holiday season - and I plan on celebrating every single one :)

We actually celebrated Thanksgiving last weekend with some family and some friends... 9 adults total, and of course 3 babies. It was crowded and awesome! Lots of food, lots of smiles, and lots for which to be thankful.

We (DB, Omi, Maddie, Jay, Linda, Kristen, Dear Ann, and Dear Bob) ate like kings! Olivia joined in the feast, George was very sure he did not like anything except the cranberries and sweet potatoes, and Samuel... well, he had his normal pediasure meal through the gtube and put everything in his mouth except food. I try to tell him he's missing out, but he just smiles at me with his shining "ok mom" eyes. Stinker.

Of course, I got absolutely no photos of our group - I was too busy taking photos of these three... ha ha!

Everyone smiled at almost the same time - woo hoo!

Proof that the photo session could have been worse ;)

Kristen brought over these great hats, which of course none of the babies appreciated as much as I did :) I think the only thing Samuel liked about being a pilgrim...

... was watching me try to balance the hat on his head and then chase it when it fell!

The Native American headdress did go over a little bit better :)

Bow AND a hat - that's my girl!

George was definitely the least thrilled with the paper feathers on his head :)

Of course, the next day Olivia thought the hat was great and danced around it in forever. This girl is hysterical!

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