Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween... at George and Olivia's School!

Three schools, three celebrations :)  Loved each of them!

This one was at George and Olivia's school... they have 1-year olds through 4-year olds, one class of each age... and we all went on a little Halloween parade around the neighborhood where the school is located.  It's such a cute little area!  The kids had a great time riding and taking in the sights.  It didn't hurt that my two and friends Lily and Collins piled into the most comfy wagon, ever.  Olivia didn't want to get out! Plus, they loved that mommy and Omi got to come, too :)  Just like at Samuel's school, I also enjoyed chatting with other moms.  Sharing stories about 2-year olds always makes for a good time!

In taking photos, I realized the only thing harder than getting three kids to look at the camera and smile, is to ask four!  Ha ha!  They had a blast... I need to improve my photo timing to catch some smiles...

 But wait, look!  They're all looking at me at the same time!?
Um, no... they're looking at something entirely more interesting...


 Stops included the fire station, which every kid loved, and a retirement home...
in which I was super impressed with George and Olivia!  They actually spoke to people!  They said Happy Halloween and Have a Nice Day and even answered a few yes/no questions.  I'm so amazed they're starting to come out of their shells around new people!  I guess I should start to worry too... I'm okay with the tantrums and no's just happening at home :)

Even getting two children to actually smile at the camera was a chore :)

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