Wednesday, March 9, 2011

2nd Birthday #2

No typo in the title... these three babies were completely spoiled by their "aunt" Brooke three weeks AFTER their birthday :) And to think I was worried they would be upset about having to share a birthday... not when you get two! (Brooke, and Julie, were supposed to come from Atlanta for the actual 2nd birthday party, but sickness kept them away... very depressing.)

Side note, as sad as I was that the girls couldn't come to town that weekend, I was so thankful to my friends for being honest with me and not coming because they wanted to keep Samuel safe. I think sometimes it's easier just to say, I'm fine, and keep your plans, than it is to say, I'm not sure if I'm fine, and change everything up. Thank you for not taking the easy route Julie and Brooke!

Back to the 2nd birthday #2 party... Brooke brought lots of hugs and lots of goodies with her...

Babies First Motorcycles
(Completely Brooke's fault there are so many cute pictures!)

I think Olivia likes it!

Pretty sure George was saying to Olivia, "sweet rides!"

What a cheeseball!

Leave it to DB to start them on wheelies early :)

Even though the red one technically says George AND Samuel, it was Olivia who we talked into sharing :) Actually, she was off with the other motorcycle gift that makes noise and zooms around the house - gee, thanks Brooke ;)

Brooke was a VERY welcome visitor :)
(Which I'm sure she appreciated at 7am...)

Next day and the motorcycles are still the favorite!

Setting them up for some burn outs?!

Olivia giving Samuel a push...

... and George giving Samuel a crash! Hysterical to watch them all crash into each other and burst out laughing :) I guess it's a good thing top speed is close to .1 mile/hour!

The cakes were absolutely gorgeous!
(Check out Christine's Cakes if you get a chance -
Brooke's 17-year old cousin that makes the cakes all by hand.
Seriously! Incredible.)

Even Samuel tasted a little bit :)

Olivia had fun sharing...

... convincing others to share...

... but making sure there was still a fork full for her! Ha ha!

George's reaction was priceless...
he was nervous to touch it at first because it was so perfect!

Even with a spoon, he was unsure if he wanted to break it open...

At last, he got out a fork, dug in from the top...

... and loved it!

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