Sunday, March 20, 2011

Decannulation Complete!

Overjoyed is an understatement :) YEA!!!!!!

I could write the excited "YEA!" after every single sentence in this post, but I will save you the ridiculousness of reading all of them and just tell you now :)

Samuel looks absolutely amazing! After recovering from a short surgery on Friday, the trache came out... and has stayed out. We no longer have a trache-baby! It was crazy, I (yes me, DB let me have the honors) just took it out and the docs bandaged it up. Wow.

Samuel and I stayed Friday - Sunday and he did wonderfully, even at night. This is the first time in his life he has breathed on his own at night. EVER. I can see the back of Samuel's neck for the first time since June, '09, and I absolutely love it.

Part 2 of this post has to come tomorrow... hospital stays are exhausting and we've got a big week ahead. But tomorrow, more details and photos :) Photos of my NO TRACHE baby!

Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers! They are so incredibly helpful!

Another prayer request, the busy week I mentioned above has to do with DB's heart. On Tuesday DB and I will spend the day back up at MUSC because he will getting a heart catheterization procedure. Compared to what we have coming this summer (aoritc valve replacement), it's not so bad... but then again, it's his heart, so I kind of think that makes it a big deal no matter what :)

This has been in the works for a long time... DB was born with a bad aorta, but as of last fall it's now at a point that this replacement needs to be done. In preparation for the surgery they do this heart cath to take a closer look, do some mapping, and look at pressures. Ugh.

Prayers for health and sanity would be excellent!


Julie said...

Yay for Samuel(and you and DB)! What a strong boy he is!

Ugh is right about DB...I remember talking about ages ago and I was worried about it then! I pray that the cth goes well and that the eventual surgery goes well too. You are always in my thought and prayers! Miss you both!

Julie Rolf

Mo and Do said...

Wonderful wonderful news -we can get off the needles we were sitting on. We love you Samuel and

Lindsey said...

so excited for samuel! will be praying for D. sort of remember this but had no idea he needed replacement?!

Caroline said...

Prayers for the whole family! Amazing Samuel!