Tuesday, March 15, 2011

3 Links Remaining... and Daffodils :)

YEA!!!! We are down to this...

Why the photo of just the links and no Samuel? Apparently Samuel is not quite as excited about the chain as I am - little stinker kept throwing it on the ground when I tried to get him to hold it for a photo! Maybe one of my big mistakes was trying to shoot this while he was playing with his books :)

Only three links remaining in our decannualtion chain - holy moly. We will tear one tonight, one Wednesday night, and the last one Thursday night, and then Friday will be here. I'm not sure I can explain these tears, but lucky for you, I will try :)

We are so over-the-moon excited we can hardly stand it! I can't even imagine my guy, my Samuel, without a trache, and believe me, I've tried :) Well, I CAN imagine it... I just can't believe that it might be this week. Samuel is one step closer to healthy, one step closer to normalcy (not that normal is ideal or anything :) ), one step closer to playing in the sand, and one step closer to being able to put his face in the water. Hard to believe that my child has never put his face in the water... he has no idea what it feels like to have a nice cup of water poured over your head as it washes the day away. He has been bathed, don't get me wrong, but it's just not the same.

I have fully let go of my what-if's... well, as fully as one can I think... and am completely excited about what this weekend might hold. My perma-grin is starting to hurt and I've still got a few days - wish me luck!

Nope, I can't even begin to explain the tears. Oh well. Random... Yesterday I told my boss that I was really glad it was the 14th... because that meant the 18th was only 4 days away :) YEA! He just laughed :)

Don't worry, we're not so focused on the trache that we aren't enjoying normal life too! The first weekend in March our local Daffodil Farm had a U-Pick Daffodils Day, and we loved it. Funny though, I remembered the camera, but had to be reminded to bring a bucket to put the flowers in :) I really think if they offered people a chance to come and just take pictures before the flowers got picked they could make some serious cash.

Omi, Kristen, me, and the babies all had a great time!

My first shot at a group photo...
Samuel looks just as annoyed as I was that this lady walked right into the photo!
Not her fault, I suppose...
Second try...
some cropping to get rid of the people in the background
AND at least one baby is smiling!
George couldn't figure out why folks were walking all over the place picking flowers, he found a whole bunch of them right here! Ha ha!

He did eventually pick flowers and add to the bucket,
instead of taking them away :)

Once Olivia got a hold of two flowers - one for each hand - she was in heaven!

Literally - nothing could have made her happier than a flower for each hand :)

Although, Kristen's bouquet was pretty neat too :)

BB: Samuel, check out these pretty flowers!
Samuel: Hey mama, did you see those trees over there?!

BB: Samuel, seriously, check out these flowers!
Samuel: Hey mama, check out this neat dried grass!

Hey mama, did you see these flowers?! :)


Lindsey said...

what a fun trip to the daffodil farm! and as always, amazed with the amazing samuel:).

Laurie said...

I'm so excited for you guys! I remember how good it felt when Olivia finally got rid of everything that was on her face - it did seem like a huge step toward "normal". Everything seemed to get just a tiny bit easier both physically and emotionally.

On another note, not sure how to email you, but Francis told me that a certain individual who does services for both of us often calls in sick - when this individual does that feel free to email me to see if X's been at my house that day. X tried that with me for a while and had reasons he couldn't come on base and I was polite but firm about it. This person does seem to go out of town a lot or have things to do and he wants to cancel. However, once you've set up a contract on visits, X is required to complete those visits or you are allowed to have compensatory visits (ie, 3 visits the next week if X only did one visit the prior week). Email or call me if you have questions. Francis knows how to get in touch with me if you need details.