Sunday, March 6, 2011

Happy (belated) Birthday DB!

The great news is that this post is late because we actually went OUT on DB's birthday! YEA! We went out to dinner like normal people do... and it was awesome. And check it out, we actually went on DB's birthday instead of 2 days or 2 weeks later :)

We got the babies fed, Omi came over to stay and play with all three, and she put George and Olivia to bed, and we were back in time to put Samuel down. It was such a nice two hours alone! Not that we don't love our babies, but we had a really great time just taking our time with dinner and chatting :) Ahhhhhh.... DB should have more birthdays :) (And huge thank you Omi!)

A few great DB photos below. I'm sure you all know this, but I think he is the most incredible husband ever... and the most amazing dad to our babies. Two years ago our lives flipped upside down (mostly for the better :) ), and my best friend has not only been right there for it all, but is sure to make me laugh when I don't want to, and can make a song out of any (and I mean ANY) scenario. Love you :)

Now that's one good man!

Everyone loves tractor rides with dad!

Daughter-daddy snuggles are the best :)

The boys love their trucks, but also their books (about trucks) :)

DB has decided he will make all of their birthday cakes from here on out - I love that!

Back in the day, hanging out with Samuel...

... chillin' with George...

... and starting the nose-kissers tradition with Olivia :)

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