Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween... at Samuel's School!

Part One of our Halloween adventure started on Friday... the kiddos at Samuel's school went trick-or-treating!  It was such an incredible morning.  The school is located in a business park, and a bunch of the businesses participated by putting together treats for all the kids.  I'm telling you, incredible! 

I can't stress enough how amazing the employees of these businesses were.  They gave treats individually to every kid, they smiled, they tried to interact (even though many of the children aren't great at reciprocating), and they were just so kind.  Not only were all of the people wonderful to the children, but the treats they put together were so thoughtful.  They were literally little packages prepared for each kiddo... in just one business park the kids got all the treats and attention that any kid needs on Halloween!  As a mom of a non-eater, I immediately noticed there were quite a few non-food items that Samuel would really enjoy!  He won't eat candy, but he has been playing with Halloween toys!

Plus, I got to meet a few moms and dads!  One family in particular, a friend-of-a-friend I've heard about since the child was born... the child is currently one-year post heart transplant and is the cutest, sweetest child you will ever meet.  When I finally met him at the school (after hearing about him for two years) I got teary - he just amazes me.  I love that he and Samuel are in the same class!

Photo time!  I took way too many... here is the edited version :)

 Cabell and Samuel :)

Sweet boys :)


Hmmm.... yep, I love the glasses!

 Samuel was a walkin' fool! 
He was practically running, it was so much fun to watch... he had the best time!

 I'm not kidding, practically running!  At one point, the bag got too heavy... wish I had a photo of Samuel leaning over while walking to compensate :)

 The nurses were awesome about dressing up (I was lame - didn't even occur to me). 
It was cute to watch Samuel figure out who people were :)

 One of the places had this dog that sang and danced to Halloween music - the kids loved it!  THIS kid loved it a lot...

 ... next thing we knew... ha ha!  Kisses!

 Samuel and Cabel had a similar thought process... "I wonder what's in here?" 
At every single door these two wanted to explore... curious boys :)

At one of the businesses, most of the employees even dressed up!
And check out their patience... not only with this crazy momma wanting to take photos,
but even with Samuel wanting to check out the costumes!

 Group photo with my boy :)

 I don't think Samuel minded all of the attention :)

Class photo!

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