Sunday, October 2, 2011

Road Trip!

I'm playing some serious catch up with the blog right now... even though swim team ended a week ago (my team rocked, again!!), I've been wiped since then.  Seriously, I went to bed early most of last week, and took a nap over the weekend.  Anyway, I think my energy is back :)

Two weeks ago we had another family first... our first road trip!  The five of us packed up and went to Atlanta for the weekend!  I think the only people crazier than us were our friends Jay and Julie who offered us all a place to stay :)  It was a GREAT weekend!

A crew of girls all got together, I loved that eight of us were able to all be in the same place at the same time.  I miss them so much!  It was funny to look around... the girls were there (most of the people I spent my Atlanta years with), but there were also some husbands, nine kids, and even a pregnant belly... wow, have things changed.  But some things never will, man do I love these girls!

We spent most of our time chatting and and chasing kiddos, so there aren't nearly enough photos.  We did get a few...

Yep, Olivia and George joined in the traditional travel meal and had their first McDonalds experience... and loved it!  Especially the "pench pies" :) 

The toys were fun, but the happy meal boxes provided at least an hour of entertainment for the car ride.  Thank goodness, the car ride was the only part of the trip that had some less-than-favorable moments ;)

New toys, a new backyard to explore, and stairs provided more than enough entertainment... I'm pretty sure this one will make it to the Christmas wish list :)

Samuel made friends too :)  Who doesn't love Clifford?!

Of course much time was still spent attached to mommy's leg :)

Mommy was okay with extra hugs :)

Daddy got some extra snuggle time, too!
Samuel's eyes were fine, but he did have a bit of a problem recovering from the anesthesia.  He had fevers off and on the entire trip, but stole some extra snuggles and was a trooper.  Samuel, I was impressed!

The friends arrived and the fun began! 
Can't believe we got all but one child in a single photo!

On Sunday we went to an Arts Festival - everyone had fun! 

For DB and me, it was more... I think this trip and the arts festival were an extra boost that we really can take our family out and about.  It felt so good!

DB worked his magic and a funnel cake magically appeared -
it's amazing how that happens ;) 

(Other things I also want to remember, besides Hunter polishing off the sweet goodness; Cecilia dancing center stage when the moment struck her, George and DB made a painting, Olivia was NOT interested in touching anything near paint, Samuel was a huge hit at Cecilia's soccer game with his golden walker.)

The Mitchell and Byrne crew...

... couldn't decide which one I liked more :) 
The kids were making these crazy noises along with their smiles and Samuel was completely unsure what to think!

Group hug!

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