Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween... at Daddy's School!

Yes, mommy and daddy work at the same school... but for some reason George and Olivia refer to it as Daddy's school :)  Who knows!

Anyway, the Halloween fun continued on Friday!  In the afternoon, our school had their annual Fall Festival and it was great!  Lots of fun things for the kids to do... last year they just kind of walked around looking a bit in shock, this year they actually participated in some of the booths! 

Crazy, check out photos here from last year's Fall Festival.  I feel like that was a million year ago and yesterday all at the same time :)

 Not a very Halloween-y photo... but the first place we visited was Mr. Dalton's classroom and as usual, when George sees a desk, he has to sit in it!  He actually sat in all the desks, but that's a lot of photos :)

 The first game we tried was Go Fish... George and Olivia were very hesitant about this giant fishing pole, but once they put their lines over the sheet and "reeled in" some treats they were good to go :)  The teeth were one of the first treats :)

 Classic duck pond... once again, a bit leery at first,
but within minutes wanted to catch every duck!

 Samuel didn't play many games, but that didn't stop him from having fun :)

 Scary noise... Roar!

 Pumpkin bowling! 
George - chuck it down the lane!  (Not sure he got the "bowling" concept!)

 Olivia - take aim and release, just like a pro :)

 Enjoying a treat... for some a lollipop, and for others some pine straw :)

Just Because They're Cute...

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