Sunday, October 9, 2011

"See" you in 6 months

Our appointment last Friday, a follow up from Samuel's eye surgery three weeks ago, was GREAT!  For right now, we don't need to have the second surgery!  We're not in the clear, there is still a chance he will need it... but for now, we're good :)

The simplest explanation is that for the first surgery, they loosened the muscles around the outside of the eye.  The goal is that the inner muscles will strengthen on their own after that surgery... but you never know because everyones muscles react differently.  Therefore, it is possible that the inner muscles will need to be surgically tightened.

Check it out - our next appointment is in SIX months!  The doctor said Samuel's eyes were exactly what he was hoping to see!  No more eye patch for now, and our fingers are crossed very tightly that his eyes continue to get better so there will not be a second surgery. 


On another note, Samuel and I had a really good visit to the hospital the day of his eye appointment (the eye doctor is on the first floor of the hospital).  Not only did we get to see some of our NICU and therapy friends, but Samuel got to show off his walking!  We did take the walker, we went quite a long way, but once we reached our destinations, the walker went into the corner and Samuel showed off his new skills.  It was so wonderful to see the smiles on people's faces!  To be able to share in this kind of joy with the folks who were there for all the scariness is just amazing.  It is such a neat feeling to go back and watch Samuel say, "look, you cared for me, you helped me, and I'm incredible!  Thank you" 

A random collection of photos... some favorites that haven't made it to the blog yet, some from July, some from a few weeks ago, and some in between :)

 Took the photo because it was cousin Madison's dress when she was little...
posted it to the blog because that pose is impressive!

 Many hours are spent wearing mommy and daddy's shoes :)

Love that smile!

 Enjoying a good chat with a good friend!

 On to enjoying a good book, all by myself :)

My George and his handsome smile... part 1...

... and part 2...

  ... and part 3 :)  I couldn't choose one!
It's always a good time for dress up!

Olivia and her accessories:)

Poor Samuel, he got an ear infection and spiked a 103 fever very quickly. 
As soon as we walked in the door, he curled up on the doormat and fell asleep.  Sweet boy!

Terrible camera-phone photo - but SO COOL!  This was the first time DB saw Samuel get onto the couch by himself!!!  I'm telling you, he is moving on up!  DB texted it to me and I almost fell out of my chair.
Realized there weren't any photos of Samuel smiling... which he is constantly doing.  So, a cute waiting room photo... who in the world can smile like this for an hour in a doctors office waiting room?!  That's our boy!

A classic group shot from early July... one having of an entirely different conversation, one cheesing it up, and one on his own mission :)

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