Sunday, October 23, 2011

What to Say?

I'm at a bit of a loss for a subject for this post...
  • We haven't had any doctors appointments since my last post...
  • We don't have any major appointments coming...
  • I considered posting about our daily schedule, but then I realized that although it's a bit crazy, it's not really interesting to anyone but me :)
  • George and Olivia are still loving school and are more fun (and get funnier) every day, but not sure that's an entire post?
  • Samuel is still impressing everyone with his gains in mobility and more recent gains in speech... he's imitating everything!  Again, not sure this is an entire post?
The worst part is I've completely slacked on taking photos!  I thought I could just do a general look-what-we've-been-up-to-post, but realized I haven't been taking pictures.  Which is really a shame, because ever since our epiphany in Atlanta that we can get out and about relatively easy now, we've gone on lots of "bentures" (G and O's version of adventure).  I can tell by the vocabulary during play time that it's been noted... they often pretend to go to the Farmer's Market, or talk about the Sands, the pool, or Daddy's School (the bleachers, the gym, the playground, Daddy's classroom, they love it all).  They also talk about going to the doctor since getting their flu vaccines ;)

We even went to our very first birthday party yesterday, and I didn't take a single photo!  This was a monumental event in my mind... and DB enjoyed a few chuckles at my expense... I was so excited.  We've been so isolated from other kids due to health concerns for Samuel, that our kiddos have never had any friends their own age.  One of G and O's classmates had a birthday party, and all five Byrne's went, and loved it!  I will admit, I did have to ask a lot of questions of a good friend of mine... what to wear?  Was Samuel invited?  What would happen at the party?  What about presents?  Go ahead, you can laugh at my expense too :)  The party was exactly as I pictured... kids playing, fun food, a bounce house, and even a princess pinata.  Needless to say, I think my three will have a few more expectations come their 3rd birthday :)  Ha ha!  The kids had a blast... and all three (BB went with Samuel) ventured into their very first bounce house.  The squeals of laughter were awesome! 

In an effort to get the ball rolling, today I took photos with my phone... as you can see from the poor quality.  But at least it's a start!  We went walking with Omi downtown - who knew a few blocks could be so much fun!

 The crew :)
In case any passersby were wondering, my children wore ALL of their "I've Been Vaccinated" stickers.  Ha ha!

 BB - "George, can you give the flamingo a pat?"

George - "Mommy, check it out... this is way better than a pat!"

 Olivia - "Best idea ever, George!"

 Omi and Samuel taking a stroll :) 

Samuel... are you having fun?

No words necessary, it's not hard to interpret that cheesy grin :)

After the walk... I just love that nose crinkle :)

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PRentz said...

Any words at all on your beautiful family are richly enjoyed! Thank you for taking the time to post those awesome photos and keep us up to date on that wonderful Byrne Family! We think of you often and praise God for all that has taken place. Go God!