Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Our New World, Part 2

I started writing this many moons ago... but Week Two of scyool, and every week since then, has been great! 

G still tells me that "mommies always come back" and O is definitely more clingy than normal, but they really like going to school!  We heard the first two weeks would be rough, so we were amazed at the transformation that happened in just one.  (Week One)  G and O have started talking about their new friends and teachers a lot, which just amazes DB and I that they are getting so big.

Week Two of school was my first chance to take Samuel to his school, and upon arrival I was reminded why I liked it so much when we looked back in January.  The folks there are incredible!  I have to be honest though, I had an incredibly hard time leaving him (just like I did G and O on their first day)... then, something I didn't expect, a few more of the love/hate feelings crept up.  I love the school, it really is amazing!  The hate part is... well...  

Making the hour trip to Samuel's school also reminds me that he's... different.  Can I say that?  I feel like when I use that word people look at me as though I've just classified Samuel in some terrible category, and that I don't celebrate his differences.  And yes, I know, we're all "different"... sheesh.  Maybe I'm just hypersensitive... I hope so.  I do love everything about him, I know he was created perfectly, and probably celebrate him a little too much (if that's possible), but I can't help it that sometimes I wish that he could do more things with his siblings.  I guess I wish things came easier for him... I could write an entire post about this stuff and my conversations with God during my alone time in the car (He is so good), but not tonight :)

Speaking of doing things with his siblings... WALKING is still going awesome!  We're past toddling from the previous post, he is officially walking.  We went to the Shrimp Festival this past weekend and Oh. My. Goodness.  Samuel was a walking fool!  Not only did he walk everywhere, he was purposely letting go of our hands.  We are truly, truly amazed.  This weekend we got to hang with Omi, Madison, Jay, Josh, and Kristen, and I think we each said, "did you see that?!" to each other at least 100 times.  It is not getting old any time soon!

So I'm still working on photos of the walking, but here are some shrimp festival... and yes, Samuel was walking a ton at the festival, but believe me when I say we can't so anything but stare in absolute amazement when this kid takes off!

We took turns following Samuel around, he was a walking machine!  Once he found some sticks that held his attention for a bit, we all took a seat... and since Olivia was never more than a foot from me without yelling "mommy, where are you?  I can't see you!", she found the closest possible seat she could :)

My crazy little woman!

Once again, DB works his magic and treats appear!
Actually, this one came after Kristen got an ice cream... and George followed her around talking about how it sure would be nice to have a bite of that ice cream :)  Ha ha! 
Not subtle at all.  DB to the rescue!

Even after busy days like the Shrimp Festival, Samuel has had some trouble with consistent naps... but not when DB is around :) 
Just like when George had his sleeping issues, no one works sleeping magic like daddy!

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